This album includes an introduction of Ethiopia’s ancient history, foreign stamps used on mail from Ethiopia before the first Ethiopian stamps, but mainly the first set of 7 small Menelik and Lion of Juda stamps and all their overprints used during Emperor Menelik’s reign. (see stamp history)

See ALBUM INDEX with scans, and slider on bottom of this page.

Some of these overprints were never officially issued, and only a few of them were used on mail. This means that completing this album with covers for all sets will be very difficult. Even though I have included space for covers for all sets in hope that I will be able to acquire at least some of them in the future. These covers are very expensive, but not impossible to find, and it will therefore take some time to complete this album.

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1868-1911 album INDEX with links to scans of front and back of the covers. Click on line to enlarge - press [ESC] to close:

Foreign stamps used on mail from Ethiopia before issue of the first Ethiopian stamps:

The small Menelik II & Lion of Judah definitive stamps with all their overprints:

1906-1908 Foreign stamps used on Ethiopian mail:

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