The fastest way to search for stamp sets:

In the Stamp Catalog page, search with the Windows standard search by using the <Ctrl> + <F> (find) keys.
A search box will appear.
1) Write your search word(s), and press <Enter>
2) number of hits will be displayed.
3) Click the up/down arrows (2) to display the hits in the text.
4) When you have found what you are looking for, Click on that album header to display that album.
     If you want to keep your search screen open, right-click on the album header link and select ‘open link in a new window’.

In the selected album:
5) Use the Ctrl + F (find) keys again to repeat your search.
6) The search word will be highlighted. Make a note of the page number.
7) Type the page number in the album page number field, and press to go to that album page.