This album has not been created yet, but is simply a collection of scans of the pages I have at the moment.
It will contain Stamps used in Ethiopia during the Italian Occupation (1936-1941) from Eritrea, Somalia and Africa Orientale Italiana, and British stamps used during the British Administration after liberation (1941-1942) – all stamps and covers postmarked within Ethiopia.

See ALBUM INDEX with scans + slider on bottom of this page.

Like my others albums, this will also include history, descriptions, illustrations, and a cover showing postal use of each set.  At the moment I don’t have all the stamps with correct postmark yet, and I still don’t have all the covers I need.

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1936-1942 album INDEX with links to scans of front and back of the covers.  Click on line to view - press [ESC] to close:
Eritrean stamps:
Ethiopia - Italian occupation stamps:
Italian East Africa stamps - Africa Orientale Italiana:
Italian Somalia – Somalia Italiana:
British administration stamps: