In this album I will present all overprints on the 1942-43 ‘Restoration’ issues and their varieties, including the ‘Restoration Fiscals’ (revenue stamps).

See ALBUM INDEX on bottom of this page.

This album has not been created yet, but I will make a proper album when I get time.
In the mean time I have scanned the pages so you can see what I have.

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1942-43 overprints album index:
  • Overview of overprints (page 2)
  • Obelisk overprint types (page 5)
  • Obelisk presentation folders (pages 6-11)
  • Fake Hand-stamped Obelisk on cover (page 8-9)
  • Typographed Obelisk – type I – Thin K   (pages 12-15)
  • Typographed Obelisk – type IIa  – Small normal K (pages 16-21)
  • Typographed Obelisk – type IIb – Large normal K (pages 22-25)
  • Typographed Obelisk – type III – Long lower leg (pages 26-27)
  • Typographed Obelisk – type IV – Thin K with forward serifs (pages 26-27)
  • Typographed Obelisk – type V – Large normal K with long lower leg (not illustrated yet)
  • Typographed Obelisk pairs and fakes (pages 28-29)
  • Typographed Obelisk strips (pages 30-33)
  • Typographed Obelisk extras (pages 24-35)
  • Typographed Obelisk covers (‘FDC’) (pages 36-37)
  • Resumption of Air Mail issue (pages 38-41)
  • Resumption of Air Mail issue covers (‘FDC’) (pages 42-45)
  • 12 Centimes Overprint (6-bar issue) (pages 46-49)
  • Restoration Fiscals (revenue stamps) (pages 50-55)
  • Restoration Fiscals on receipts and covers (pages 56-63)
  • Restoration issue stamps used as revenue stamps  (page 63)