New draft album with only Post-war revenue Ethiopian stamps. I will add information whenever I have time. 

I will decide later to add the early Ethiopian revenue stamps and Official stamps in one album, and create a separate album for revenue stamps used in Ethiopia during the Italian Occupation 1936-1941. (See scan of my Ethiopia & occupation revenues album – the second album below)

See ALBUM INDEX on bottom of this page.

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Revenue Stamps (display) album index:

  • Waterlow & Sons Specimens. (Ca. 1935-1936?). (page 2-3)
  • Restoration Fiscals. (Ca. 1942-1946). $ values. (page 4-7)
  • First Imperial Ethiopian revenue stamps. (Ca. 1946-1955). MTD values (page 8-9)
  • First Imperial Ethiopian revenue stamps. (Ca. 1955-1964). Eth D values (page 10-13)
  • Second Imperial Ethiopian revenue stamps. (Ca. 1964-1974). Eth D values (page 14-15)
  • Provisional Military Government revenue stamps. (Ca. 1974-1987). Birr values (page 16-17)
  • Peoples Democratic Republic revenue stamps. (Ca. 1987-1991). Birr values (page 18-19)
  • Federal Democratic Republic revenue stamps. (Ca. 1995-2017). Birr values (page 20-21)
  • Federal Democratic Republic revenue stamps (2017). Birr values (page 22-23)
The album below is simply an early scan of my complete revenues album, including occupation revenue stamps. My intention is to make album(s) that will contains all revenue stamps sets used within Ethiopia, including Eritrean revenue stamps used in Eritrea when Eritrea was administered by Ethiopia, and local Italian occupation revenues used in Ethiopia.
The ‘Restoration Fiscals’ (overprint on the 1943 stamp set) are found in the 1942-43-overprints album. , but you can see the different stamps in the draft album on to of this page. 

Revenues (including occupation) album index:

  • Customs revenues (used around WWI) (page 2-4)
  • “Official” stamps/revenues (page 5)
  • Large Italian Colony revenues (page 9-19)
  • Small Italian Colony revenues and local occupation revenues (page 20-29)
  • Eritrea Inland revenues and Municipality revenues (page 30-37)
  • Eritrea Inland revenues overprinted with ‘Eth D’ (page 38-39)
  • Eritrea Inland revenues with Haile Selassie portrait (page 40-50) –> See scan of 50 $ Haile Selassie portrait stamp!
  • ‘Restoration Fiscals’ (see album on top of this page)
  • First Imperial Ethiopian revenue stamps (page 51-64)
  • Second Imperial Ethiopian revenue stamps (page 65-68)
  • Provisional Military Government revenue stamps (page 69-71)
  • Peoples Democratic Republic revenue stamps (page 72)
  • Federal Democratic Republic revenue stamps (page 73)
  • Various revenue stamps, including Chamber of Commerce revenue stamps (page 73)
  • Alcohol revenue stamps (page 74-79)
  • Various revenue stamps(page 80)