This album contains all stamps issued from 1909 to 1936, except for the 1911 ‘AFF’ overprint on the small Menelik and Lion of Juda stamps that are included in my 1868-1911 album. I have also included the presentation folder with the Akaki radio station hand-stamp and the unissued Red Cross stamps, which were actually not issued as regular postage stamps.

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I have chosen to present the ‘Animals & Rulers’ (A&R) set by original stamp values rather than by issue date. This because I like to show all the different overprints that was used on the same stamp for comparison. I have one set per page, except for the stamps that only have one overprint, but by doing this I need a few more covers. These are not too expensive, and should not be too difficult to find.
I have kept only one color of each overprint of the 1928-1930 sets, since I don’t need to show that I have the overprints in more than one color.
Politically this album covers the struggle for power in Ethiopia between Menelik’s death and Haile Selassie’s reign until the Italian occupation. This is also the period with World War I and the beginning of World War II.

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