This album is not finished, but I have included scans of the pages that I currently have. I will have to create and/or update the texts.

See ALBUM INDEX on bottom of this page.

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1942-43 Definitives Album INDEX:
  • The printing process (pages 2-3)
  • The ‘Lower case’ set including description of the varieties (pages 4-10)
  • Scans of the complete sheets (pages 12-14)
  • The presentation sheet folder text (pages 15-17)
  • ‘Lower case’ FDCs (pages 18-19)
  • ‘Lower case’ covers (pages 20-21)
  • The ‘Capitals’ set (pages 22-23)
  • Some ‘Capitals’ strips (page 24)
  • ‘Capitals’ FDCs (pages 25-28)
  • ‘Capitals’ set on unaddressed covers (pages 29)
  • ‘Capitals’ covers (pages 30-55)