We are so few collectors of Ethiopian stamps, perhaps only a few hundred with Ethiopia as main collection area, and being spread all over the world we seldom meet. What is the sense in building large collections and making good presentations if no one can see them? Therefore I decided to establish a website to share my Ethiopia stamp albums with my fellow collectors, especially all members of our club – the Ethiopian Philatelic Society – but everyone is welcome to have a look. By describing each stamp set, and including history, photos and illustrations, I hope that also non-philatelists will enjoy all the wonderful Ethiopian stamps and learn about this fascinating and interesting country.

Since I am fascinated by Wikimapia where everyone can access maps of the world and add descriptions and photos, I have added several links to maps in my “About me” text – especially to places where I have added photos myself. This will help you to locate the places I refer to. Explore and enjoy!

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You can also see videos and photos from Ethiopia in my travels website.