1981: I first saw Australia from 30.000 feet while flying from Aucland to Singapore – crossing  the continent from Brisbane to Darwin.

1989: My first visit to Australia was to visit a friend in Sydney. We drove along the East Coast all the way up to Townsville where I joined two diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

2007: My second visit to Australia was in connection with my work. I had to visit two ships – one in Gladstone on the East Coast, and one in Bunbury on the West Coast. While waiting for the ship to arrive in Bunbury I stayed in a hotel in Freemantle. From there I visited Perth and had a nice day at the Rotnest Island.

January 2007: Fremantle 

Perth is the largest city in Western Australia, and Fremantle is a port town located at  the estuary of the Swanee River. I stayed in the Esplanade Hotel.

Fremantle is a relatively lazy town, or at least that is what it seemed to me. 

This small video is an extract of Fremantle video/photo clips from the full movie.

January 2007: By boat from Freemantle to Perth

While waiting for our ship to arrive in Bunbury I had time for sightseeing. 

The first day I took a boat up the Swanee River to Perth, instead of going by train. I walked around in the city-center, and later I walked up to the Botanical Garden on the hill overlooking the city.

I walked around in the park, and had dinner before before sunset. I took the train back to Freemantle.

January 2007: Rotnest Island sightseeing tour

January 2007: Perth Zoo

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