Blatná is a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 6,600 inhabitants. It is known by a water castle in the center of an artificial lake and a landscape garden around it. Blatná lies in a pleasant rolling countryside with a mosaic of fields, meadows and hundreds of ponds.

The town lies on the small river of Lomnice. Since the Middle Ages, people have been transforming the land by building plethora of small to large lakes which now grace the area. The largest artificial lake is Labuť (Swan) at 108.5 ha some 5 km to the north-east of the town. 

Blatna and Blatna Castle, June 2018

My second visit to Blatna. I stayed at a hotel in the town – a short walk to the Blatna castle were I have friends.  Walking in the castle’s park is relaxing, so is sitting in the small café area in the castle yard with a cup of coffee. My friends live in a beautiful house across the park from the castle.

The castle has been under restoration for many years, and this year they worked on the wing that I did not visit last time. I was shown around there from cellar to attic. The rooms that were finished were really beautiful. They have done a very good job.

Blatna Castle, March 2013

The first written record of Blatná dates back to 1235, when just a wooden fortress was built on a rocky piece of land in the middle of a marshland. From 1391 the fortress was for the first time rebuilt in stone and the surrounding marshes were changed into wide water trenches. In 1523–1530 a new palace in a mixed Gothic-Renaissance style was appended. In 1850–1856 the castle received its last rebuilt, in English Gothic style, which gave it its contemporary looks. Since 1798, the castle has belonged to the Hildprandt family, except the period of communist dictatorship (1948–1989) when it was confiscated by the state. The castle is now being restored with most of the works finished. The castle and park are open for visitors.
The current owners are friends of mine.