Hvaler is a group of islands south of Fredrikstad near the Swedish border. I am lucky to have a cabin/cottage near Skjærhalden.

There are several smaller islands in the area, which is easy to visit.

The sailship ‘Statraad Lehmkuhl’, August 2021

In connection with ‘Sommersskuta’ hour-to-hour cruise along the Norwegian coast, broadcasted on NRK2 TV, the sailship passed Homlungen on her way in to Skjærhalden and back out the next day. Unfortunately there was a delay, and it was almost completely dark before she arrived making it difficult to film. However, the next morning the weather was quite nice, but windy, when she passed Homlungen on her way out.  

Waves at Sunset, Sjursholmen and Storesand, November 2020

Herføl Costal Rock Formations with ‘potholes’, August 2020

To Makø on Nordre Sandøy, July 2020


Walking around Søndre Sandøy, July 2020

Tall Ships in Fredrikstad, July 2019

The Tall Ships’ Races are races for sailing ships, designed to encourage international friendship and training for young people in the art of sailing. The races are held annually in European waters and consist of two racing legs of several hundred nautical miles, and a “cruise in company” between the legs. Over one half (fifty-percent) of the crew of each ship participating in the races must consist of young people.

In 2019 the fleet gathered in Aalborg, Denmark before racing north to Fredrikstad in Norway. From there they cruised the Norwegian coast to Bergen before returning to Denmark for a finale in the city of Aarhus.

Strolling along the coast to Rødshue quarry, July 2019

Walking alomg the coastline from Homlungen past two popular beaches is one of our popular tours. My destination was Rødshue where they esablished a sculpture park in an old quarry.

At Kirkøy large quarries were established towards the end of the 18th century. The most visible is at Rødshue, on the southwest corner of the island. It was turned into a sculpture park in 2005, and 5 artists from 4 countries contributed with sculptures. 
The project was made possible with public support and assistance, as well as financial contributions from businesses and individuals. The fifth and so far the last work was unveiled in 2009. 

Unusually high tide, September 2018

Heavy winds blowed lots of water into the Hvaler islands. The high tide was about a meter higher than normal. I walked down to Homlungen where we usually go to swim in the lagoon, but it was not possible to cross to this small peninsula. 

I walked to Skjærhalden, and the water was covering the lowest part of the pier.

Back at Homlungen I sat watching the waves crashing into the cliffs. A small boat was rolling against the shore, but I was not able to salvage it.

“Summer paradise in high speed”
Homlungen and Skjærhalden, August 2017

Experimenting with my new compact camera with 4K movie function, I decided to take some long scenes near my cabin near Skjærhalden and speed them up when I edited the video.

Walking the Homlungen-Døvika Coastline, Hvaler, August 2017

Walking along the coastline from our cabin near Skjærhalden passing the Homlungen Lighthouse to the Storesand Beach and camping area, and back through the forest, is our favorite walk.

On this occasion I wanted to try out a new stabilizer for my compact camera to check how good it was.

I like walking scenes which makes the movie more interesting – just like being there. Just look how well i “float” over the boulders now!

Visiting Herføl Island, August 2016

I took a break from sunbathing at Homlungen, and took the ferryboat to Herføl – another island closer to the swedish border. There I walked to a nice view point, and to the “potholes” made by the glaciers and the sea during millions of years.