I have been to USA on several occations:

  • 1981: Traing couses for gas turbine maintenence as part of my education + visiting friends: Evendale/Cincinati (Ohio), Ontario/Los Angeles/San Diego (California), Overland Park/Kansas City (Kansas), Denver (Colorado), Fort Collins (Colorado), Laramie (Wyoming).
  • 1989: Two overnight stops in Miami Beach on my way to Cancun in Mexico.
  • 2006 (April): Ship visit in Bridgeport (Connecticut), driving from Newark (New Jersey).
  • 2006 (December): Ship visits in Providence (Rhode Island) near Boston and Bridgeport (Connecticut), ending up with a sightseeing tour in New York (driving from Boston to New York).
  • 2007 (January): Ship visit in Portsmouth (New Hampshire – north of Boston).
  • 2014 (April): Visiting friends in Portland, Oregon.

April 2012 – Portland, Oregon + Columbia River and Mount Hood

I visited friends in Portland, and we first had a sightseeing in downtown Portland. Then a tour up along the Columbia River and up to Mount Hood. where we had a break at the Timberline Lodge where ‘The Shining‘ with Jack Nicholson was filmed. 

December 2006 – Driving from Providence to Bridgeport

In connection with visiting ships in Providence and Bridgeport, as part of my work, I drove with a rental car along the coast. 

I stopped in the town of Mystic to film the special  Bascule bridge.

December 2006 – Sightseeing in New York

On another visit to Bridgeport in connection with visiting a ship in Bridgeport, as part of my work, I had time to visit friends in Connecticut, and a full day in New York City.

I took a sightseeing bus ride in the cold December weather, shopped at Macy’s, and visited Ground Zero (the World Trade Center site).

I had hoped to get up to the top of Empire State Building, but the queue was too long.

April 2006 – Ship visit in Bridgeport

This video indludes: Flying from Norway to Newark, passing the southern part of Greenland, to visit a ship in Bridgeport in connection with my work.

We drove a rental car to the pier in Bridgeport, and small supply vessel brought us to the ship. We stayed in a hotel in the outskirts of Bridgeport, and we had some extra time to drive around in the area, and I visited some friends in the Stamford/Greenwich area. 

After finishing our work we returned to Newark to fly back to Norway.

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