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Driving from Antalya to Pamukkale


Pamukkale terraces and Hierapolis 

Thermal Bath in a Pamukkale Hotel

We were lucky to be staying in a nice spa hotel with its own hot-water spring not far from the terraces. We could use the spa facilities free of charge, and there was even bathrobes in our room.

The water in the pool was nice and warm, but looked dirty and was stinking sulfur. The hot water came out on top of the pool area and flowed down to the pool, creating interesting patterns as it deposited lime particles.

The small pool on top was really warm, and we found black clay on the bottom. We could not resist to play with this…

1 minute Balloon Flight, Pamukkale

We booked a balloon flight, but the weather forecast was not good. We were picked up at  the hotel before dawn and driven to the  balloon site. They were filling the balloons with hot air, and when they were ready we climbed into the basket. 

There were dark clouds and a little wind, and we had lift-off. Hardly half a meter above ground there was a heavy wind gust that turned our balloon over on the side and dragged us some meters.  Laying on our sides in the basket we managed hold on until we stopped.

Flight time: about 1 minute! 

Carpet Making – the Process

We stopped at a ‘carpet factory’ were we shown the process of making carpets from silk cocoons to finished carpets. They displayed carpets from various regions, and we were of course ‘allowed to buy’ (- but no video-filming!). 

Driving back to Antalya – Heavy Rain

After crossing the mountains we were surprised by heavy rains when we drove into Antalya. Water were running like small rivers in the streets, and we could hardly see anything out of the bus windows.

Luckily it stopped raining before we reached our hotel. We even got a little sunshine

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