Ios is a small island of the Cyclades group, a short ferry ride from Santorini, making an extended holiday or even a day trip a viable option.

For many years Ios was known as a party island; however, there is so much more that Ios has to offer. Ios has one of the “Top 10 beaches in Europe” and boasts 75 km of beautiful, white sandy beaches and turquoise coastlines.

Ios still maintains a lively nightlife like you will not see in the other islands. Unlike the “package resorts”, the nightlife of Ios is concentrated in one place, Chora. The nightlife is very cosmopolitan yet still quite traditional. The main meeting point is in the main square. By day, Chora reverts to a beautiful, tranquil traditional Greek village where you can see the locals chatting in cafes and playing backgammon. 

July 2012 – Short stop in Ios harbour on our way to Naxos

If you travel by charter from Scandinavia to Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Ios and even Mykonos you will most likely fly to Santorini. From there you will be transfered by boat to your destination. First stop after Santorini is usually at Ios.